The Cultural Intelectual Resort was launched in Alamani Charitable Society located in Anjara , Ajloun. "Such initiatives contribute to encouraging children, young people and adults to read, to feed minds and enlighten ideas in the belief of the importance of education in preparing future generations and serving the community," said Alaa Abdul Jawad, CEO of Solidarity First Insurance Company.

He pointed out that the company is keen to enhance partnership with various civil society organizations, which offer ideas and implement constructive initiatives that contribute to serving the people of the community. He has also appreciated the initiative of the association in establishing a cultural library that revives the cultural movement in the Governorate of Ajloun and that serves as an outlet for spending leisure time in a useful and useful way.

He explained that the Company is keen to support associations and voluntary bodies to be able to do their role towards their communities.

The Honorary Chairman of Alamani Charitable Society, Dr. Ahmed Al-Ayadi stressed the importance of the role played by associations in serving the local community to promote development and improve the income of families through its services as well as the development of culture among female members of associations, children and youth.

The Chairman of the Association , Maysoun Zidan, said that the association aims to develop women and children and exploit the wealth of the  Governorate; also to produce natural and healthy foods by the women of the Governorate, and to receive tourist groups and provide them with food products and support university students and needy.

Laila Shafeeq Al Khoury, an official of the Resort, said that the Cultural Intellectual Resort and the library include a number of books, magazines and various references that rely on research and information to meet the interests of young people, children and women.


At the end of the opening ceremony, which was attended by Mr. Ramzi Al-Ghoul, Marketing, Bank Insurance and Strategic Partnerships Manager at the company, members of the Association, media and community leaders, Mr. Abdul Jawad and Al-Ayadi toured the facilities services and products, and certificates were distributed to a number of supporters of the association's activities and programs.