Solidarity - First Insurance signed a partnership agreement with Extensya to provide software solutions to develop and automate the customer service process in the company.


Extensya has provided Solidarity with an advanced chatbot service that provides a unique experience for Solidarity customers, where the chatbot answers customer inquiries related to the medical ,Given the importance of technology and digital transformation in customer service, and using them to provide the best practical and quick solutions to work efficiently, Extensya has provided Solidarity with a chatbot supported by a high-accuracy Arabic programming engine to ensure the best results, and Extensya has covered the most used services by Solidarity clients to ensure a faster and more efficient business process, in

In addition to the chatbot, Extensya has provided Solidarity with a range of advanced solutions including voice and chat call center solutions that support the customer journey in a way that ensures an effective and enjoyable experience, so that the customer can communicate with Solidarity customer service through a phone call or chataddition to increasing productivity, improving quality and developing communication methodsnetwork, insurance rates, branch locations and contact information


The chatbot has also been activated in Arabic on the WhatsApp application, so that the user of this service can send his inquiry, and the chatbot will be able to analyze the input and then provide the user with a detailed answer in response to his inquiry