As a continuation for the business plan of (CRIF Jordan), which is based on diversifying and increasing the sources of information contained in its database, in addition to delivering service to different sectors, « CRIF Jordan» has signed a service agreement with Solidarity First Insurance Company to be the first insurance company to provide customer credit inquiry in Jordan.

The agreement was signed on behalf of « CRIF Jordan» by its general manager Mr.Ahmed Amoudi and on behalf of Solidarity First Insurance Company by the CEO of the Company, Mr.Alaa Abdul Jawad.

Mr. Amoudi expressed his pleasure with the partnership and appreciated all the efforts made to make this agreement a success. He added that the Kingdom's insurance sector is a strong system provider because it is important to provide data on the insured, what in turn will allow insurance companies to make their credit decisions based on a comprehensive credit profile that was not previously available to customers, and what will reduce the level of credit risk through an official and reliable information platform.

Mr.Amoudi also expressed his thanks and gratitude to the management of Solidarity First Insurance Company for its continuous efforts to complete the contracting process and for its keenness to provide such service.


For his part, Mr. Abdul Jawad stressed on the importance of the credit inquiry service provided by Solidarity First Insurance Company, where the service will contribute to the risk assessment in a reliable manner as well as access to different segments of customers.