Solidarity First Insurance Company has announced the signature of an agreement with Safwa Islamic Bank to provide insurance services to its customers in accordance with the highest standards of quality and advanced services.

The agreement was signed by CEO of Solidarity First Insurance Company, Mr. Alaa Abdul Jawad, and Mr. Samir Al Tamimi, CEO of Safwa Islamic Bank at the headquarters of Safwa Islamic Bank and attended by a number of senior executives of both parties.

Mr. Alaa Abdul Jawad stressed that the company will provide insurance services to the customers of Safwa Islamic Bank through its branches in Jordan according to the highest quality standards and the best services at competitive prices, including the vehicle insurance policy for the Bank's customers. " During the past years, the company has achieved positive results and has been able to develop its services in line with the requirements of the Jordanian market and the developments that are taking place in order to meet the services of its customers through trained cadres and branches that can meet customers’ needs” he added. He also praised the role played by services and products provided by Safwa Islamic Bank and which are offered to all segments of Jordanian society to help meet the growing demand for Islamic banking services and support the national economy.

Mr. Samir Al-Tamimi, CEO of Safwa Islamic Bank, said: "The signing of this memorandum comes in line with the Bank's belief in providing the best products and services to its individual and corporate clients. He added” The Bank also continuously endeavors to modernize and develop its Islamic banking operations, as well as the development of its services particularly offered to a company which is considered as the best in the field of Solidarity Insurance.


He stressed also that “Safwa Islamic Bank is constantly seeking to build strategic partnerships with vital sectors in Jordan, including the insurance sector, to provide innovative Islamic banking services that are compliant with the highest quality Shari'a regulations”.